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Kokum butter is a type of plant-based oil that comes from the seeds of the kokum tree. It’s frequently used in the production of topical cosmetic and pharmaceutical products like lotions, salves, and balms.

Kokum butter has powerful moisturizing properties and won’t clog pores. It’s used to treat a variety of skin issues, including acne, minor inflammatory conditions, and dry skin, hair, and scalp.

Kokum butter differs from other plant butters like cocoa and shea because it doesn’t have a strong scent and isn’t heavy or greasy. Its main drawbacks are that it’s expensive, not readily available, and difficult to work with given its tough texture.


It can also be used to treat sunburns and other forms of skin damage as its powerful antioxidants help to repair and restore skin. Its natural emollience helps keep skin soft and hydrated while its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation. With regular use of kokum butter, you can enjoy healthier, softer skin with fewer signs of aging - what are you waiting for? Add kokum butter to your skincare routine today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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