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HEALTHY SKIN - Starts With Protecting your skin from sunlight

Please protect your skin from Sun Damage by wearing sunscreen prior to sun exposure. There are different levels of SPF. I personally use SPF 15 for my Face and SPF 50 for my body.

The best ways to prevent skin damage. Are by reapply your sunscreen at least 2 times a day, wear sun hats ,or SPF gear when you're in the sun for a long time. To prevent skin damage such as liver spots, skin cancer and aging skin.

At the end of your day make sure to wash off the access sunscreen that's still on your skin. As you wash off your sunscreen you can exfoliate your skin with a sugar scrub to remove the dead skin cells this will help keep your skin brighter and healthier. Recommend to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. After shower apply moisturizer.

You're Skin Will Fill Smooth and Soft

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