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How to Make a DIY Coconut Milk Bath

Updated: Apr 15

The Best Coconut Milk Bath Ever!


½ cup Wildly Organic Himalayan Pink Salt, Finely Ground

15-20 drops of essential oils of your choice (I like using lavender)

½ cup arrowroot powder

1 cup Wildly Organic Coconut Milk Powder


Add salt and essential oil drops in a glass jar and stir to combine.

Add in arrowroot powder and coconut milk powder, stirring to mix and break up any clumps ⎼ even small ones won’t mix into your coconut milk bath very well ⎼ you might also need to mix it before each use; coconut powder and arrowroot are both very fine powders, so I recommend scooping instead of pouring for measurement to avoid a mess.

Add a half cup of your coconut milk mixture in a warm bath under running water, mixing it in with your hand if needed. Soak for about twenty minutes to half an hour, rinsing off afterward. Revel in the benefits of milk baths!

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